Welcome! If you are considering starting a home based network marketing business or you are new to this new way of creating financial freedom – We are here to assist you!

Specifically, we are here to help you:

1) DECIDE if a home based network marketing business is right for you.

2) Share the SYSTEM that we used to help you get started right

3) Give you the TOOLS to help you get to the same level of success that we have achieved.


You are a Baby Boomer approaching your retirement years. You hoped your retirement would be financially secure with a pension plus Social Security and the value of your home. No More! Pensions are largely a thing of the past, home values have been slashed, 401(k) plans are down in value. Millions of Boomers see themselves working into their 70’s just to pay the bills and survive – much less enjoy a comfortable retirement! Most Boomers didn’t see the recession coming and didn’t save enough. Are you afraid you’ll be working at the local 7-11 store at age 70 just to get by?

You are a GenX woman in your 40s with a mortgage on an upside down home, kids, aging parents, and not enough money to make it through the month. You may have gotten downsized or lost your job. You are living off savings that are fast disappearing. Maybe you still have your job but live in constant fear that you will be the next one laid off. You consider a second job but no one hires you or the pay barely makes it worth the time spent there. You have spent many nights lying awake worrying about money and what the solution is for your situation.

You are a young mother whose dream is to stay home and raise your children yourself instead of having day care workers spend more time with them than you do. But your husband got laid off or you are a single mom and the only choice you see is to work insane hours at your job (or multiple jobs) outside the home to support the family. You are constantly exhausted and feel you are missing out on critical time with your kids, but you don’t see any other available options.


Judy spending time with her dog, Baxter.

What if you could retire after all with ongoing income from your own home based business that came in month after month automatically once you got it going? That is exactly what Judy did and she is excited to show you how you can too.

Kristi & Jade
Kristi spending time with Jade.

What if you could match your income from your job with a home based business and say goodbye to corporate America and the job world for good? Kristi did just that with her own business and she can help you do the same.

Karen hiking with boys
Karen hiking with her two boys.

What if you could be successful in a business that you run from your dining room table or home office and never have to leave your kids in day care again? Karen did it and she is here to teach you to follow in her footsteps.

We are three women who have changed our lives and our family’s future because we have been successful in creating a home business. Our burning desire is to help you achieve the same results.

But we didn’t choose just any home business – we chose a particular business model that was easy to start, allowed us to work part time, and has sped up our results so that we can live the life we choose instead of the life we were settling for.

That business model is Network Marketing – and we are the Network Marketing Dream Team! Our goal is to help you create YOUR dream life by allowing us to show you what we did, teach you our system, and give you the tools for success.

For a more in-depth look at what our lives were like before we became free with our network marketing businesses, click HERE. You will see that we are three average women of different ages and lifestyles who have achieved network marketing success and now we are coming together to teach you to change your life just like we have:

* Even if you think you’re too old, young, too “something”!

* Even if you have never had your own business before

* No matter what your educational background or experience

* Even if you think you have no time

If you are the kind of woman who wants more for yourself and your family – more time , more income , more control over your choices and your life –

If you are willing to step into a new way of thinking and being to create your new life as an entrepreneur even part time –

If you are willing to take your dreams back for yourself and your family and have a burning desire to make them come true with our guidance and support –then join us! Our book, our course, and our coaching will all help you get there!

For a FREE report that will help you get started living your dream, visit helpwomensucceed.com!